Friday, February 20, 2009

Monthly Blood Draw

We took our little one up to the Children's Hospital for her monthly blood draw. The lab work done was testing her tumor marker, AFP or hormone put off by her tumor. We were pleased to see that her AFP went down again. This is a good sign. If the AFP was increasing then her tumor may be growing again. We are continuing to feel so blessed with her progress! I mentioned a while back that we took her to a photographer to get her pictures taken before her hair started growing back....I have those pictures back and absolutely love them. I thought it would be fun to show some of those darling pictures to everyone. Thanks to Wendy Carter - you did a great job, the pictures are beautiful!

Monday, February 9, 2009

As Requested......

So I had a few people request that I put a few pictures of my little ones head being used for the enjoyment of the other kids. So I hope that you enjoy these and don't think that I never watch my kids. It always surprises me that I can step out of the room for only a couple of minutes to start the laundry, make lunch, etc. and can come back to some pretty crazy things. Kids are so creative and messy!!!!

Notice how my son is hiding in the background of the picture completely elated looking at his beautiful creation!!!!!

It is hard to tell in this photo, but she has deodorant all over her head.

Yes even big sister got in on this one.

It is a good thing she is as mellow as she is, I think I would get upset if someone did that to me.

I wanted to put a few more pictures as well. This is her getting completely excited over cheesecake with raspberry's. We had celebration cheesecake the night before she went in for surgery to remove her Broviac Tube. We have a lot of little celebrations these days - like the day she had her first bath. The whole family joined and took part in her bath, either by helping get pj's, towel, lotion or just plain cheering her on.

We have found new reasons to celebrate, I never thought we could celebrate so many small things. I guess when you go through something like this your perspective takes on a whole new is precious.....we want to enjoy every moment!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why We Will Miss Her Little Bald Head

Our little one is starting to grow a tiny little bit of hair on her head. You really can only see the peach fuzz if the light is shining just right on her, but never the less it is starting to grow. I have to admit that during this process there have been many very hard and emotional things we have gone through. One of the hardest was watching her loose her hair to the point that it was everywhere including in her mouth and she would end up choking on it and then deciding it would be best to shave it off. This was extremely emotional for me. Now that we have had our little baldy (as the kids endearingly call her) for almost four months, we are definitely attached to it. She as I have said before is the cutest little bald baby out there. I love to look at her. Her bald head represents what she has gone through, and how tough she really is. So as we start saying good bye to her cute bald head I thought I would make a list of why our family will miss her little bald head.

That her big eyes look even bigger, because they are the first thing that you see instead of her hair.

When she decides to dump her dinner on her head, clean up is quick and easy. We don't even have to put her in the bath tub.

That her head is a blank canvas for my 3 year old the little artist. I can't tell you how many times I stepped out of the room and came back in to see a beautiful drawing on the top of her little bald head.

Actually her brother has put many things on her head including her dads deodorant. he loves to squish it too with his hands, really he is just completely fascinated by it.

A place for the kids to see how much lotion you can put on your skin before it won't soak into your skin and it then creates a white wig for baby sister.

Never having to worry about brushing out hair first thing in the morning (her hair is easier to do than her brothers!)

The ability to see exactly where she bumped her head and how severe the bump is.

A place for soft kisses. We all love to give her little bald head kisses it is so soft and smooth.

The constant reminder of what she has been through and just how tough she really is.

This whole experience has been a time in our families life that has been one of the most difficult, precious, emotional, tender, and faith promoting experience we have been through. We are so grateful to be moving on to the next phase of her journey.