Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why We Will Miss Her Little Bald Head

Our little one is starting to grow a tiny little bit of hair on her head. You really can only see the peach fuzz if the light is shining just right on her, but never the less it is starting to grow. I have to admit that during this process there have been many very hard and emotional things we have gone through. One of the hardest was watching her loose her hair to the point that it was everywhere including in her mouth and she would end up choking on it and then deciding it would be best to shave it off. This was extremely emotional for me. Now that we have had our little baldy (as the kids endearingly call her) for almost four months, we are definitely attached to it. She as I have said before is the cutest little bald baby out there. I love to look at her. Her bald head represents what she has gone through, and how tough she really is. So as we start saying good bye to her cute bald head I thought I would make a list of why our family will miss her little bald head.

That her big eyes look even bigger, because they are the first thing that you see instead of her hair.

When she decides to dump her dinner on her head, clean up is quick and easy. We don't even have to put her in the bath tub.

That her head is a blank canvas for my 3 year old the little artist. I can't tell you how many times I stepped out of the room and came back in to see a beautiful drawing on the top of her little bald head.

Actually her brother has put many things on her head including her dads deodorant. he loves to squish it too with his hands, really he is just completely fascinated by it.

A place for the kids to see how much lotion you can put on your skin before it won't soak into your skin and it then creates a white wig for baby sister.

Never having to worry about brushing out hair first thing in the morning (her hair is easier to do than her brothers!)

The ability to see exactly where she bumped her head and how severe the bump is.

A place for soft kisses. We all love to give her little bald head kisses it is so soft and smooth.

The constant reminder of what she has been through and just how tough she really is.

This whole experience has been a time in our families life that has been one of the most difficult, precious, emotional, tender, and faith promoting experience we have been through. We are so grateful to be moving on to the next phase of her journey.


Tara said...

I want to hear the blank canvas story! Do you have a picture? She is precious.

Angie said...

She is so beautiful!!! I love that your kids like playing on her head! That is adorable. I agree with Tara, show us pix of the blank canvas

Doug and Carol Ann said...

Everyone of those reasons is priceless!! She is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. We've loved hearing of all that you've shared, and your testimonies of this experience are most heartfelt. We love each one of you. And the best to you on the next part of the journey. Love, Gr. and Gr. R

Miriam said...

I agree - the cutest bald head there is! Loved the pictures

J and T said...

absolutely tender!!!