Monday, April 20, 2009

New Hair

I thought it would be fun to put on some pictures of her new head of hair. I get asked often how her hair has changed. It is a lot thicker, but when she lost it she had just turned one and it was still baby fine hair. I think the color has changed to a little less strawberry blonde to more of a sandier blonde (neither of the colors were very dark, but just a real subtle change). We haven't noticed any curl yet but it isn't very long so I guess we will still see. I will take some more over the next couple of days and also add them to the blog.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scan Results

Monday went well for Alyssa, other than the girl that did her IV had a really hard time and she had to poke her three times and it felt like it took an eternity for her to finish. Her hand has three pretty good bruises on it. At clinic on Tuesday our Doctor gave us her results. Her AFP (tumor marker) came back normal again. Her MRI is showing that the enlarged lymphnodes have not change since last time and they think they may just be large because of scar tissue and they may never go down in size. The size of her uterus is enlarged from last time. The Doctors are not sure why, but they are going to adjust her road map for the time being. Instead of rescanning in another 3 months they will rescan her in six weeks. Her blood draws will be every 3 weeks instead of once a month. Her Doctor wants to watch her a little closer to make sure that the tumor is not coming back.

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Time Again

On Monday we will be heading up to the Children's Hospital for another round of Scans and Xrays. I think I am more excited this time and less anxious than the last time we went up for her scans. She seems to be doing really great! She is gaining weight, growing hair and getting attitude. She is starting to babble a lot more. I think at times when she doesn't get her way she even tries to let me have it, although it ends up sounding more like a turkey gobbling than her talking (she is quite partial to her "l" sounds right now). I sometimes look at her and wonder when she got so big? She seems like she has gone from my little baby to my almost toddler just over night. I had an opportunity to visit with a woman in my ward that has cancer as well. I don't know a lot about her story as I have been quite involved in my own daughters cancer lately, but I was so impressed when I spoke with her and her husband. She unlike my little one is still fighting for her life. As I listened to her tell me a little about her situation and her future treatments I felt such a peace come from her. Now, I know that sounds weird, but let me explain why I felt that way. She told me that she is nervous for what she has to go through over the months ahead as she begins her treatments again, but I don't know exactly what she is feeling emotionally - physically - and spiritually. Despite the things that I don't know, I still have to say that my heart was touched by her cheerful disposition and positive remarks. I could tell that this woman is one that is facing her challenge head on. She has a wonderful support system and cheering section. She is relying on Jesus Christ to carry her during the times that she cannot physically and emotionally do it herself. Her face and eyes looked peaceful despite her challenges. Talking to her and her husband reminded me a little bit of how my husband and I felt when dealing with our daughters diagnosis and treatment. It is interesting to look at this woman and then to look at others that I have come in contact with that feel life has given them lemons and that they are not able to go on, that their trial isn't fair, that they lose sight of the positive and only sink deeper into despair everyday. Life has challenges for all of us. For some it is illness, for some it is finances, for some it is relationships and for others it is spirituality and the list could go on and on. I am convinced that no matter the degree of difficulty when we take our challenges head on, with a positive attitude (as hard as it may be) putting forth as much effort as we can possibly muster and then turn the rest to the Lord we will be able to turn those challenges into areas of strength. That we will be able to find happiness amidst the struggles. We will prevail. With that said, I was completely touched in the few minutes spent with my neighbor and her husband to the point that I was in tears as I drove away from her house. My testimony of the help our Savior gives to us through our toughest times was renewed and strengthened. I know that this is an amazing family that no matter what is thrown their way, they will be steadfast and strong. They will be able to get through all that happens in the months and years to come.