Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We'll be home for Christmas

Last night we finished our fourth and possibly her last round of chemotherapy (tests mid January will let us know for sure). Hurray!!!! Usually it is annoying to hear the alarms of her IV drip pump go off but this time when the alarm sounded indicating the cisplatin infusion was complete we jumped for joy, let out a couple a screams, took pictures, and breathed a sigh of relief.

The Dr. came in this morning, reviewed the charts, checked her out and indicated that things are looking good. We just have to wait for her fluid levels to come up some and then we get to go home. She is doing well, a little nauseated and aggitated, but over all good.

Our little one had a special visitor this time.  PCMC is so good to have fun things for these kids while staying at the hospital.  The therapy dog came all dressed for Christmas.  She loved having him in the room.  She also had Santa visit, only she fell asleep and wasn't awake to actually see him.

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