Monday, October 20, 2008

A Glimmer of Sunshine During the Storm

Today was a good day. We are home from the hospital. Our little girl was so excited to come home. She was squealing and smiling from ear to ear. I took her upstairs so I could change my clothes and she took me for a little walk down the hall into each of her siblings rooms looking for them. They had been with there grandparents and weren't quite at our house yet. When they came home she was more smiles and more squeals and it definitely was such a boost of positive energy to see her acting more like her normal self. All day today she has had more energy than she has had in the past four days. It seems like when we are given a trial there are times during that trial when we seem to be drowning in the storm, times we can't seem to get enough air and we are being pulled deeper and deeper. It is at those times when our Savior steps in and allows us a chance to breath, a break in the storm or a glimmer of hope, just enough to help keep us a float. We will cherish her sweet smiles we saw today.

My mom and my sister and I just spent the day sanitizing our house. We went from room to room wiping down walls and using either clorox wipes or bleach and water to kill as many germs as possible. I am hoping to not have to do this again any time soon, (other than the toys and books that the kids use on a regular basis). My hope is that I can stop the germs at the door before they come into the house (even though I know it isn't completely possible, but I am willing to try anything for my baby). My handy husband installed a coat rack in the garage just before you come into the house for the kids to keep their backpacks and coats outside. Once the kids come in they know the routine (they take their clothes off, wash and sanitize their hands and then put on a new outfit. Each time they want to play with their baby sister they use the hand sanitizer first. Hopefully we can prevent as many trips to the children's hospital as possible. The nurses and doctors have let us know of the seriousness of trying to prevent infection and viruses in our little girl. If she runs a fever of 100.3 for longer than an hour we will have to call the oncologist and they will give us instructions for what to do (which will likely be a trip back to the hospital) , and if her fever gets to 101 for any amount of time we are to call and they will always admit us to the hospital for antibiotic and fluid treatments for at least 48hours. It is amazing how when you have an interest in learning something you can retain lots of information in a small amount of time. Ask us almost anything about treatment of yolksac tumors and we can probably tell you about it. My husband and I will hopefully have our nursing degrees by the time we are finished with all of this. We were able to practice giving an orange a shot as well as each other. I have to say that the shot was definitely not the most painful part of the whole ordeal, I feel like I have bruises on my arm where my husband pinched up the fatty area of skin to poke the needle in. I didn't pinch him very hard, but I forgot to draw any of the saline up into the needle and almost gave him a shot with only air in it. By the time we were finished practicing all three of us (my husband and I and the nurse) were all laughing really hard. We are happy to say that one block of treatment is down and three more are left to go before we get to check to see how the tumor is responding to the chemotherapy. We know there is still a lot to come, but like I said before we are so grateful for the small things such as our daughters squeals that help to push us along in our journey.


Emily said...

That is so good to hear she had a good day.

I can't believe you guys had to practice giving each other shots. I would have totally passed out getting one, let alone giving! YIKES. You guys rock!

We love you and pray for you continually.


Rachael said...

Aloha Sarah and Alyssa,
I just got the email from your mom and went and read your blog. My heart goes out to you and I want you to know that we are praying for Alyssa and your family.
I think the blog is a wonderful way to keep us updated - I wish I could have done something like that with Jacob when he was burned.
If you want to get some beautiful Hawaiian sun, please come and stay with us in Hawaii in between treatments. you could stay with us, or we could get you a room in the base lodging for cheap.
Please know we love you and let us know if we can help in any way!

your cousin, Rachael:>

Angela Baird said...

So cute that she knows the difference of being home vs the hospital, and how she was looking for her siblings. We are glad you are home, and that yesterday was a good day.

Reading about the storm you've faced the last several days I was reminded of a quote I've seen hanging in the home of a friend who struggled with breast cancer (and is now in remission) last year that reads something to the effect of, "Sometimes God calms the storm. Sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child."

Here's to more good days!!!

jbbastian said...

I can't express how sorry I am to you that your family has to go through this. Just reading your blog brings back so many vivid memories. Hang in there...It may not get easier but for some reason this becomes your new "normal" and you find yourself adjusting much better than you would imagine. You will be experts by the time this is all done! I wish you all the very best and will keep you in my prayers. Just remember: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." You will find many blessings from this trial in your life. LOL, Bree.

Memmott Family said...

I am so glad she had a good day. It is good that she was looking for her brothers and sisters. I am sure she will have a smile on her face every day when they get home from school.

I am with Emily.. That is scary to give each other shots. I think I would just let Scott learn to do them!
In church on sunday we got that same quote that Bree posted.. What an awesome quote to have.
Best wishes. we will keep you in our prayers. We love and think of you often

The Johnsons said...

I didn't realize your mom was home, how wonderful. I'm glad to hear Alyssa was so happy to go home, I can imagine!

With the winter and cold season coming, have you considered the possibility of homeschooling your kids until Alyssa's treatments are done? I'm wondering if the school could help provide the materials for you under the circumstances, or you could buy some things. If this interests you and you'd like to talk about it, let me know.


Tara said...

An answer to many prayers I am sure! We will continue to pray for peace and health in your home. I you have a kid with the sniffles, you can send them here to sleep. We will do anything you need! We pray the holidays are wonderful for you!

Laura said...

I just heard about Alyssa's illness tonight and I keep thinking about Pres. Holland's talk at conference in which he said that angels are standing by to help us during our time of need. You are Alyssa's angel right now. We will keep praying for you.